Welcome to Beyond Broccoli Mental Health & Nutrition Counseling

Welcome to Beyond Broccoli™ Mental Health & Nutrition Counseling

Is it time for a change?

  • Do you “know” you need or want to make a change, yet feel stuck?
  • Have you successfully made changes in the past and slowly gone back to old behaviors?
  • Have you come close to making changes yet couldn’t quite get there?

Change is at the core of what I help clients do. I began helping clients with identified “nutrition problems” and quickly learned that things often aren’t that simple.

Beyond Broccoli



How Integrated Mental Health and Nutrition Counseling Can Help

When I started Beyond Broccoli™..

more than two decades ago, my goal was to create a nutrition counseling and education practice that approached clients more holistically, and to use what we have learned over time from scientific research. Broccoli, a quintessential “health food” or “superfood,” represents the obvious with respect to nutrition. Everyone knows “broccoli is good for you.” I wanted to explore beyond the obvious.

I believe helping people make changes to benefit their health must go beyond telling people what to eat (or not eat), beyond only considering the “what” of eating, we need to embrace the “how, when, where” and above all the “why” of eating. We also need to look beyond food at other lifestyle factors that impact our overall physical and mental health.

My passion for counseling and education related to nutrition naturally led me beyond, into the spaces where mental health and nutrition overlap. As I worked with clients to explore the complex web of factors that contribute to what they were doing (or not doing), they made progress towards their goals. 

My shift from dietitian to therapist made me realize I have always been a social worker at heart. Becoming a clinical social worker has also made me a better dietitian. The two professions integrate naturally with a collaborative and whole-person approach to empower clients. I am inspired by my clients and enjoy helping them tap into their innate resiliency. 

I look forward to being part of your journey to improve your overall health. 



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