Nutrition Programs & Classes

Nutrition Programs & Classes

Beyond Broccoli programs and classes are offered throughout the year or can be arranged to accommodate private groups. As Beyond Broccoli continues to evolve the availability of these various services also changes. Please contact Beyond Broccoli for current offerings.

Beyond Broccoli Programs

Past classes include Finding Balance with Food, Emotional Eating Class series, and Whole Foods Detox programs in Jackson, Wyoming. These topics may also be incorporated on an individual basis for those who prefer to work privately. There is a possibility of making any of these programs available via webinar if there is enough interest. Contact Beyond Broccoli for more information.

Finding Balance with Food Series

Inspired by experience with group classes related to emotional eating and food psychology, this series of classes will help you explore and improve (if necessary) your relationship with food. You may attend any or all of the classes. While the content of the series is related and benefits are best from attending the entire series, there is much to learn about each topic and a single class is a great jumpstart.

Much nutrition education focuses on what and how much we eat and yet many people are unaware of the complex web of factors that influence all aspects of eating. An understanding of these factors can help you make more effective long-term dietary changes to manage your health and your weight with curiosity and compassion. This class provides an excellent overview of many of these factors – physiological, emotional, psychological, behavioral, environmental, etc.

Food and Feelings: When Food Can’t Fill You

This class draws from the Beyond Broccoli Emotional Eating Class series, work with many private clients in this area, and recent continuing education related to the topic. Class includes both in-class exercises to facilitate group discussion and take-home ideas for further exploration. You will leave this class with a better understanding of what emotional eating is and how to begin the process of moving beyond these habits.

Hunger and Satiety: Back to the Beginning with Food

Once upon a time we all ate when we were hungry and stopped when we were satisfied. Then life began to change and external forces took over our decision-making regarding when and how much to eat. This class help you learn how to go back to the beginning with food and re-connect with what your body needs, to eat more intuitively, it will give you ideas and tools to help you build a more positive relationship with food.

Mindful Eating Everyday (November or December classes focus on Mindful Eating During the Holidays)

Becoming a more attuned or conscious eater in our culture can be very challenging. This class begins with some important information related to food psychology and factors that can lead us to eat mindlessly. In-class exercises will help you outline your own personal plan to help you navigate environments that encourage mindless eating and to help you become a more mindful eater.

Emotional Eating Class Series

What would happen if you only ate when you were hungry?
Not sure? You’re not alone. Emotional eating keeps many people from achieving and/or maintaining a healthy weight, managing health issues, and making peace with food. If you are ready to change, we can help.

Beyond Broccoli provides professional guidance and group support to help you begin or continue the journey of freeing yourself from emotional eating. The six-week series of classes includes weekly assignments that help you explore your reasons for eating and help you break free from dysfunctional eating habits – compulsive eating, stress eating, overeating, bingeing, restrictive eating, etc. These assignments also provide the basis for group discussions each week. The classes provide a confidential, supportive group environment for working through food issues and a re-cap of all class discussions is sent via email for any missed sessions.

Whole Foods Detox Alternative

Our bodies have amazing natural detoxification systems in place to deal with both potentially damaging substances that we take in as well as those that are produced within our bodies. There are many whole foods and natural beverages that support and enhance these natural detoxification systems.

Beyond Broccoli has created a whole foods based class and program as an alternative to popular detoxification and cleansing programs that require fasting and/or supplements. With the Beyond Broccoli Whole Foods approach there is no fasting, no supplements and no gimmicks. The goal of this approach is to assist your body with the transition between seasons (spring and fall) and post-holiday season (January). It is also a way to jumpstart healthier eating habits for the long term.

The Beyond Broccoli Whole Foods Detox Program Guide is available for $25 to current and past Beyond Broccoli clients and class participants in conjunction with either the Whole Foods Detox class or an individual consult to discuss the program.

Beyond Broccoli Classes

Beyond Broccoli offers a variety of class topics to meet your nutritional needs. Classes are a fun, social, interesting and economical way to learn about a particular aspect of nutrition or skills related to better nutrition (ex. cooking, grocery shopping, eating out, etc.). Classes may be a basic lecture style or include food demonstration (that always involves some food tasting!) or an actual cooking class. Classes may be arranged in your home or another location depending on group size and the type of class. Beyond Broccoli classes can be a creative way to celebrate a birthday or to get friends who enjoy learning and eating together for a nutritious meal.

All Beyond Broccoli classes include printed materials to take home that recap the main lecture points, give ideas for putting the information into practice, and recipes that are related to the topic (or that were presented in either a food demonstration or cooking class). Below is a list of class topics or you can design your own class.

Private Cooking/Food Demonstration Class 2 hours + set-up and clean-up time; price varies according to location of class and menu choices

Class Topics:

  • Backcountry Nutrition Learn how nutrition can enhance your backcountry experience and how to plan a healthy menu for a weekend or extended trip
  • Blood Sugar-Food Connection Learn how what you eat & drink affects your blood sugar
  • Broccoli and Beyond! Fruits & vegetables – which ones, how much & why
  • Calcium Without Cows Learn about meeting your calcium needs without dairy sources
  • Carbohydrates – Friend and Foe The carbohydrates we need, issues related to carbs – blood sugar, food cravings, mood swings
  • Eating Away From Home Anticipating the challenges of eating out and a strategy for holidays, parties & other special occasions
  • Eat To Improve Blood Pressure Learn how diet can lower blood pressure
  • Eat To Boost Immunity Learn about foods that boost your immune system
  • Flash in the Pan Learn about nutrition for menopause and peri-menopause
  • Food & Mood Learn ways that foods affect your mood and mental health
  • Food For Your Heart Learn about foods that improve cholesterol, blood pressure and promote overall heart health
  • Food Is Fuel: Nutrition For Recreational Athletes Learn how nutrition supports physical activity at any level
  • Fuel For Winter/Summer Sports – Nutritional needs for the cold/heat & various seasonal activities
  • “Good”, “Bad” and Worse Fat The whole fat story – which ones & how much we need and how to shift from “bad” to better fats
  • Healthful Holidays Learn ways to eat well and plan your strategy for this season of decadence
  • Improving Blood Cholesterol With Food Learn how to improve blood cholesterol levels with food
  • Is It Really Healthy? Learn how to identify truly nutritional foods amidst the deceptive marketing.
  • No More Diets to Lose Weight! Learn how to lose weight without a “diet”
  • Navigating the Grocery Stores What to look for in the stores and on the labels (Optional group trip to the grocery store)
  • Nutrition for Hockey Tournaments special nutrition considerations for tournament play – class combines personal experience playing hockey as an adult and sports nutrition knowledge
  • Nutrition For Picky Eaters For parents or caregivers of picky eater children: ways to feed your children what they need for proper nutrition Protein ~ More Than Muscle – Why we need it, how much we need & the best ways to get it, myths & facts about high protein diets Rethinking Sweets & Treats – Using snacks to fuel kids and busy adults or to lose weight & maintain health
  • Treat Yourself — Healthfully! Learn how to make treat foods and snacks more nutritious
  • Tofu — Better Than You Think! Learn about the benefits of soy foods and how to enjoy them
  • Vegetarian Meals for Carnivores This class addresses the fact that Vegetarians approach food very differently from those who want to eat more plant foods without being a vegetarian

Food demonstration/lecture format only:

Healthful Foods in a Hurry

For the busy person that wants to eat well – learn “tricks” for incorporating more healthful foods.  Navigate the maze of “just-add-water,” already prepared, and frozen foods to find a balance of nutritional quality and convenience.  A new addition to this class is a “Whole Foods in a Hurry” component. Class includes food demonstration and sampling of foods.

Energy Bars – Candy Bars in Disguise?
Learn the truth about “energy bars,” how to use them and how to make your own.

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